Supportive Services

HCHC provides homes for large families, seniors and Special Needs residents (those living with HIV/AIDS, many of whom have experienced homelessness). The households we serve are working hard to get by on incomes that are only a fraction of the Area Median Income. For a family of four, this can mean earnings as low as $25,620 a year.

Resident Service Coordination is the foundation for successfully housing individuals and families experiencing a variety of challenges. The support we provide our residents comes in many forms. We advocate on their behalf in obtaining benefits. We provide services that treat mental illness, substance abuse and the effects of homelessness, and we identify programs for family and youth development, money management and homeownership opportunities.

HCHC’s service staff receives on-going training in promising supportive housing practices that demonstrate positive outcomes. Recently HCHC began a formal training series on the integration of resident services and property management, with the goal of balancing individual resident needs, the tenant population as a whole and the property itself.

Because of our high rate of success in utilizing services to assist with maintaining housing among the formerly homeless and other special-needs clients, our Resident Service program was chosen by the Los Angeles Housing Authority to participate in a national research project used by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to create a best-practices manual.

In addition to case management and referrals for Special Needs households, HCHC provides:

  • Group and individual therapy with a Marriage and Family Therapist

  • ESL and GED Classes

  • No cost afterschool programs and tutoring services and educational therapeutic groups available to all HCHC children

  • Food Pantry available to all residents as well as the community at large

  • Family Services: HCHC offers parenting classes, cultural activities and youth activities

Partnerships with other community organizations play an important role in increasing services and opportunities for our residents. Our partners include the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood, Visionary Youth Center, Hollywood Family Source Center, Housing works, The Laurel Foundation and United Homeless Healthcare Partners. Muse Lifestyle Group sponsors an annual Thanksgiving Carnival and turkey give-away for all of our residents, in addition to providing the venue for HCHC’s annual fundraiser.