In Development

JUST COMPLETED! -  Gateway Apartments

The Gateway Apartments project is an environmentally thoughtful building containing 21 one-bedroom units for formerly homeless individuals.  The project was developed by Hollywood Community Housing Corporation in partnership with Venice Community Housing Corporation and achieved Platinum LEED-certification, the highest level of distinction awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).  Read more here.

Coronel Village

This development will combine two properties: the first in the 1600 block of Serrano, immediately adjacent to HCHC’s Hollywood Bungalow Courts. The adjoining property, immediately behind the first, faces Hobart Avenue. The finished project will provide 54 homes for large families.

Palo Verde Apartments

The Proposed Project includes the construction of a 49-unit affordable family housing development in El Monte. It will provide 25 units for homeless veterans and their families and 23 units to low-income families.

Florence Mills Apartments

This development will replace a number of blighted parcels in the Vernon/Central neighborhood of South Los Angeles. The mixed-use project will provide 74 units of affordable housing, 5,000 square feet of commercial space, and will include a commemorative plaza recognizing  the area’s rich history.

Stanford Avenue Affordable Housing Development

The proposed project includes the construction of 85 units of affordable housing in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County. It will provide 40 units for low-income families and 43 units for people who frequently access the County Healthcare programming and who are leaving emergency and outpatient facilities without permanent housing.

1010 Jefferson

This proposed redevelopment will rehabilitate the historic Paul Williams designed Angelus Funeral Home into 41 units of affordable housing. The historic component will include resident amenities as well as 7 affordable units and the new construction will include 34 units. The total area of the project will be 40,000 SF including about 11,400 in the existing building.