Housing Development

HCHC develops safe, attractive and affordable homes for some of the lowest-income residents of our community.

We operate twenty-five buildings that serve over 1,700 residents. We are currently working to develop a number of new projects. We choose building sites that are close to public transportation, schools and places to shop and work. Many of our buildings include common rooms equipped with personal computers and kitchens.

Because we believe that it takes more than four walls and a roof to overcome misfortune, HCHC buildings include amenities and services that help families and individuals to further improve their lives.

Our work benefits large families, seniors, children and single parents. At the same time, our buildings revitalize blighted, crime-infested areas with renovations of historic properties and striking new construction. Our projects have attracted new development to once overlooked neighborhoods, and been instrumental in bringing new life to Hollywood. We are working to create new partnerships and new approaches that will keep the development of affordable housing viable, but the need is growing faster than we can build. Your donation will help to ensure our community’s successful revitalization through new homes for its most vulnerable residents.