From the Executive Director

Dear Supporters of Hollywood Community Housing,

As most of you know, our friend and colleague, Bill Harris, retired from Hollywood Community Housing Corporation (HCHC) in March 2016 after leading the organization for 16 years.  As the new Executive Director, I feel lucky to benefit from Bill’s golden touch on so many things – from the talented staff, to the skillful board of directors to the beautiful buildings owned and operated by HCHC. 

I am grateful to Bill for his leadership during challenging times including the dissolution of the redevelopment agencies in 2012 which eliminated a critically important source of funding for affordable housing.  The affordable housing crisis has forced the broader community to open its eyes and ears to the plight of the homeless and people who are severely rent burdened.  Radio programs and the local news are reporting on the housing crisis every week and it is permeating the collective consciousness of Angelenos that we must do more to make this region a more just and equitable place to live. 

I am excited to join HCHC as the new Executive Director because it is an opportunity to be aggressive, and innovative and passionate about making Los Angeles a place where people can do more than just survive – it is time to make it a bustling metropolis where people are thriving!

All my best,