Asset Management

Director: Malen Rodriguez
Asset Manager: Don Bustamante

HCHC constructs new buildings and rehabilitates architecturally significant, deteriorated properties for affordable housing use. Prior to the completion of each development, HCHC’s Asset Manager reviews our waiting list and reaches out to local service providers to create a pool of appropriate candidates. Once these candidates are screened, a lottery is held to choose tenants. Since the need far outweighs the availability, a typical qualified candidate can remain on our waiting list from 2 to 5 years. Through maintaining a database of housing units and an active list of applicants, HCHC is able to keep the vacancy rate below 3%.

Once a month the Executive Director and Asset Manager walk through each of the properties to assure adherence to rigorous housing standards. Common areas are inspected by Resident Managers and the Asset Manager. Monthly resident meetings are held to discuss any housing or tenant issues.

Each building’s budget includes:

  • Replacement Reserves for Major Repairs (roof, structure)

  • Operating Reserves for maintaining economic viability of the building

  • Property Tax Exemption (each building is responsible for a special and direct annual assessment)

  • Utility Allowances

  • Professional Landscaping

  • Common Area Cleaning Crew

Through good fiscal planning and appropriate staffing, HCHC makes every effort to keep its buildings looking as clean and attractive as the day they opened. Because of our exceptional reputation, HCHC has been invited by neighborhood associations to build affordable housing in their communities.